Parrot Cages: Selecting the Proper Home for Your Parrot

Parrot Cages: Selecting the Proper Home for Your Parrot

So you just got a family pet parrot and you are uncertain what type of enclosure it may like the most. Presently, there a wide range of factors to consider when scouting for the parrot enclosure which experts state best suits your new pet. The essential issue to be aware of when selecting a hutch is undoubtedly basic safety. The following identifies the right way to assure that your chosen parrot enclosure produces the secure and satisfying atmosphere required for your fine, feathered, family friend.


First and foremost, too large is better than too small. Parrot domiciles which are overly small could result in severe injury or perhaps even disease. You should be sure to study exactly what the minimum hutch dimension is for your actual parrot. Next, take into consideration how the vertical cage bars are spaced; they should be close enough to make certain your favorite bird is unable to get its head caught up in between the bars. You should be positive they’re not too tight that the bird’s sight lines outside of its environment is obstructed. Parrots are extremely sociable critters and really need to feel that they are part of the family unit in order for them to remain social and not become withdrawn. This will help keep them healthy as well. Further, you’ll need to take into account bar width. Be certain to obtain bird domiciles featuring thick enough bars so as to support your pet’s weight. Should you keep a sizable or husky parrot, it may accidentally bend or twist lightweight bars. Last but not least, obtain a bird enclosure having food gates to ensure the security of your parrot along with yourself when refilling food and water.

New versus Used Parrot Cages

Obtaining used bird cages can be quite a bit easier as it relates to your price range; nevertheless, it isn’t suggested. The reason behind this is simply because the used hutch could have boarded a sick bird and not have been properly sterilized before it was passed on to you; and even if it was cleaned you will never know if it was done properly. There is only one exemption to this guideline, generally if when acquiring the parrot you also received the same cage in which the bird was housed, it is not essential to go and buy a new one.

Cage Location

Remember, a parrot’s natural habitat is set in a rain forest. This should be considered when positioning your animal’s cage within your home. A spot in a warm area free from cold drafts will suffice. Moreover, another criterion to consider when selecting a spot for your pet’s home is their instinctive sociability and desire to be a part of the group. The chosen site should be in close proximity to where the family spends time together and one that promotes social interaction.

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