Questions to Ask Parrot Breeders

Questions to Ask Parrot Breeders…

If you are thinking of buying a parrot, you need to decide where to buy him from. You have basically got three options – parrot breeders, pet stores, and parrot rescue centres. My preference is to buy from a breeder. My reasoning is simple:

  • They aren’t a ‘jack of all trades’ like the average pet store owner, so they should be very knowledgeable about parrots.
  • I always prefer to buy a young bird, rather than an older bird. This is because you don’t know the history of an older bird, and if it has had a very traumatic past, it might never get over it.

In my opinion, buying from a breeder with a solid reputation provides the best possibility of getting a well-balanced parrot. However, some parrot breeders are only in it for the money, so you need to know how to separate these cowboys out from ‘proper’ breeders, who live and breathe parrots. This article will help you to do just that.

The early part of a parrot’s life has a major impact on his personality when he is a mature bird, so it is vitally important that he is treated right from the very beginning. This responsibility normally rests with the parrot breeder, because he will be caring for your bird during this stage of its development. Therefore, it is vital that you understand how to select a parrot breeder who properly cares for young parrots.

It is very important to know what a breeder has fed his young parrots. This is because the correct parrot diet is vital in raising a healthy, well-balanced bird. You need to be certain he has fed his young parrots safe, nutritious food, and that they are fully weaned before being sold. Never buy a young parrot that isn’t eating ‘proper’ parrot food, such as seeds, vegetables and fruit.

The breeder should have trained a young parrot to fly before selling it. He needs to ensure that it can fly properly, and land safely, avoiding obstacles such as furniture and light fittings.

You also want your new parrot to have been properly socialised before you bring him home, so you must ask the breeder what he has done to make sure this is the case. Good questions to ask are:

  • How much interaction with people has the bird had?
  • How often have you let the bird out of his cage?
  • Has the bird been handled a lot?
  • How often has the bird been groomed and bathed/sprayed?

The only way to pick a reputable breeder is to visit him, view his aviaries, and ask lots of questions like the ones above. It may seem a bit of a pain visiting a breeder, when you could simply order a parrot by phone or via the internet, but it is definitely worth the trouble. You will have your pet parrot for many years, so you want to do your utmost to make sure you buy a healthy, well-balanced bird. Never buy a parrot from a breeder who is reluctant to answer your questions, or who won’t let you have a look around their aviaries. Reputable  parrot breeders love to talk about parrots, because they are proud of their parrot knowledge, and they are always happy to show off their aviaries!

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