BrdBTNS_0012_AmazonThe Loveable Yellow Naped Amazon Parrot

By Jeffrey Norris

If you’re considering a new pet, you may want to consider a yellow naped Amazon parrot. If you’re not familiar with this incredible parrot, they are a nearly all green bird that grows up to about 15 inches. As the name implies, they have yellow feathers on the nape of their neck, and are a truly beautiful bird.

The yellow naped Amazon is known for it’s excellent talking ability. With possibly the exception of the African Grey parrot, the yellow nape is one of the best mimics, often singing with an amazing voice, and having an extensive vocabulary.

Most of us have had cats and/or dogs as pets, and they are very good animals and loving companions. However, one thing about dogs and cats is the fact that they have a relatively short lifespan, and we all know how traumatic the loss of a beloved pet can be. Amazon parrots, as with most parrots, can live for many decades. This writer has owned his yellow naped Amazon for nearly 3 decades!

Also, for those that live in apartments, or another dwelling that has a restrictive pet policy, often times a pet bird is acceptable. Although the yellow nape can be noisy at times, they seem to make the most noise to get attention, just wanting interaction with it’s owner. Of course at night you will want to cover the cage to keep any drafts out, so the bird will be completely silent.

If you do decide to get a yellow naped Amazon, or any parrot for that matter, there is one thing you should know. Spend the extra money and get a domestic bred bird from a reputable breeder. The extra money will be well spent because you will have a loving pet that has no fear of humans, and is also easy to handle and train.

These birds are extremely smart and very affectionate. The amount of joy and laughter that your feathered friend will bestow on you is amazing. All things considered, I can’t think of a better pet. Just be prepared to devote the time necessary to properly care for your bird. They need a lot of attention from their owner, and when you’re not there, or busy doing other things, just make sure that they have a nice roomy cage with plenty of safe toys to keep them occupied.

Should you decide to get a yellow naped Amazon for your new pet, just be sure to read up on the care of this impressive bird. Although the staple of their diet is seeds and nuts, they also need an assortment of fresh fruits and vegetables, among other things.

The cage you select should be a serious consideration also. The better quality powder-coated cages are sufficient, but if you can spend the extra money, I would definitely purchase one of the beautiful, much longer lasting stainless steel cages. They look much better, but will also last many times longer than a painted cage. Once a painted cage starts to chip, it’s the beginning of the end.

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