Cockatiels as Pets

Cockatiels are famous species of the parrot family. Pet owners have adored cockatiels as pets mainly because of their remarkable behavior and great features. These species are small parrots with varied color patterns and a distinguishing over-head crest. Cockatiels are beautiful, friendly and easily tamed. Their small size makes it easier for them to be handled by first time owners and children.

It can be good to consider a cockatiel for a pet. They are very desirable pets to raise because of their generally amusing characteristics especially with their capability to imitate talking. Aside from mimicking, these parrot species are also good at whistling. These birds can whistle complete melodies especially when they are taught or if they constantly hear that particular tune.

It is good to opt for a young cockatiel that has been hand feed, handle and well socialized. In pet stores, cockatiels are sold in varied prices and in colors. With that, anticipate spending between $59 – $169 for a healthy hand fed cockatiel. If you select a cockatiel as your pet, you will be sure to enjoy it as your pet and companion.

An important thing when selecting a cockatiel is the birds’ health. Choose an active cockatiel. A silent bird with puffed feathers could be ill. Choose one with soft and shiny feather that also lay evenly on the body and their vent must be clean. They should have clean nostrils, smooth feet scales, well-shaped beaks and nails in tiptop condition.

Being knowledgeable about cockatiels also means giving them an appropriate cage to live in. They are playful and active and that requires a big cage. Minimum cage size can vary in shape but make sure that your bird can outstretch it’s wings for exercise without hitting the cage sides. Horizontal cage bars are ideal for cockatiels since they provide a great chance for them to climb, play and exercise. Provide some perches for them to climb on as well. The bird’s claw should fit around the perch without the nails touching. If the perch is too large in diameter is is also not good for the birds feet. Select different sizes and textures – rope perches are great for cockatiels and are easily cleaned in the dishwasher.

Owners should also learn about cockatiels’s dietary requirements. They should be fed both pellets, seeds and natural fruits and vegetables. Seeds, however, have a high fat content, so they should be given moderately. The recommended seed proportion in a cockatiel’s diet is 30 percent. Nutritionally balanced pellets are also ideal for these bird species as they have all the nutritional value especially formulated for Cockatiels.

Sara Looper is a cockatiels expert. Do You Want To Turn The Most Difficult Cockatiel Into The Most Loving, Affectionate Pet?