BrdBTNS_0008_BG Macaw Wings

The Great and Beautiful Macaw!

The macaw parrot is a type of parrot that originates from South Americaand Africa. There are many different types of macaws and two of the most popular are the Catalina macaw parrot and the blue and yellow macaw parrot. Many people will recognize the macaw from pirate movies as being the parrot that sits on the shoulder of the captain. They were of course used by sailors back in those days for sailors who could not speak. They used to train the macaw parrot to speak for them.

The lifespan of the macaw ranges from 15 to 30 years depending on how well looked after they are. There is lots you can do to make sure yourmacaw parrot will live for longer and one of the most important things you can do as an owner is to make sure your macaw is consistently being shown attention. Parrots hate nothing more than to be bored and being bored usually decreases their lifespan.

As the macaw parrot is a wild animal that came from the forests of Africa and South America, they must be specially treated. Therefore only trained experts should own a macaw because it takes a lot of effort to maintain these beautiful creatures. One of the things owners use to keep their macaws from boredom is to teach them how to talk. Many people don’t realize that the macaw is an amazing talker. Expert trainers are able to teach theirmacaw parrot to speak several different phrases and words. 

Another thing that trainers like to do to keep their parrots happy is to teach them tricks. These tricks include anything from card tricks to ball games. They are amazing thinkers and have the capacity to solve even the most challenging of problems. Next time you visit the local wildlife reserve and they have amacaw parrot as apart of their wildlife, ask the trainers to show you some of the tricks they have taught their parrots. This will give you a good opportunity to learn many things for when you perhaps decide to get your own macaw one day.

So there it is, the macaw parrot in a nutshell. If you are thinking about getting your own macaw one day than I suggest you spend a lot of time reading and learning all the different training methods involved with this wonderful creatures. There are a myriad of books and resources out there, just make sure you take in the right information and filter out all the jargon.